Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sale of Aspiration plus freebies & discounts

Dreamer Eyes in "Aspiration" are this week's special (only L$10) at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop.

Aspiration of a dreamer

SterlingResin Eyes in "Cognac" is free to group members  (the script requires a payment of L$1 but it is automatically refunded), and five other SterlingResin Eyes are available at a huge discount. These are exclusive to Sterling Artistry group members; so have your group tag active. The group is still free to join.

Anime Eyes in "Tokiwa Emerald" is on sale for only L$50 this month.

The May gifts (which include two Monthly Eyes) are waiting for you, too. All free!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Group Gift, Exclusives & Freebies

Sterling Resin Eyes are developed exclusively for Sterling Artistry Group members. The first set (01) is now available in the new group area of the Sterling Artistry mainstore. (The group is still free to join!) These eyes include (low lag) scripted mesh and prim versions along with the system eyes. They come with 7 preset eyeball sizes (which mean instant fits for many popular needs, such as Petites), scripted resizing for adjustments, plus 4 iris sizes and 2 levels of glow.

Summer in her eyes

Sterling Resin Eyes are priced at a deep discount and are available only to Group members. (Be sure to wear your tag!) And one of these is a free gift! (The script requires a L$1 payment, but it is refunded to you immediately.)

Sterling Resin Eyes - set 01

The free Monthly Eyes and other May gifts are also available - no need to be a group member for these. If you came by earlier and found the eyes on this swirly rack had a price, that was an oops, which was corrected. They really are free for all during May!

May Gifts

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Goodies at Sterling Artistry

Here's a wall of text for what's happening at Sterling Artistry for May! (Scroll down for a picture of May's free gifts.) ;D

Group Exclusives: Sterling Artistry SterlingResin Eyes (01) are everyday, realistic designs with a small touch of romantic sparkle within them. These eyes are made for members of the Sterling Artistry Group, and one must be a member of the group to obtain them.
SterlingResin Eyes come in 72 delightful colors (with system, prim and mesh versions) that are/will be available (at varied release times) in 6Packs or individually. In addition to being exclusive to group members, SterlingResin Eyes are deeply discounted. (There'll be another post coming along to show these off.)

Eyes: DragonEyes v.2 - DragonEyes are now in the new generation, featuring both prim and mesh versions along with the usual system eyes. The object eyes have preset sizes and fine-tuning resizing to fit most any avatar (from Petites to Colossus!) Additionally, there are four iris/pupil sizes and two levels of glow. Dragon Eyes come in twelve majestic colors. They're available in a full 12pack, two 6packs, or as singles. The multi-packs let you change color in a click, requiring fewer objects in inventory.

Poses: HANGING AROUND 5x2 pose set includes five action poses as shown on the box, five mirrored poses, plus 10 poseballs and helpful tips. If you've ever felt you're just hanging on by a thread, these poses are for you. ;)

Apparel: SPORTING SOCKS - 6 ribbed crew socks featuring striped colors from Hogwarts that are also suited for other sports, not just quidditch.

Manicures: GLOVE MANICURES #3113 contains Shaded Beryl, Violet Velvet, Caramel Rose, Kitten Kiss, Monaco Blue, Poppy Red, Silken Glance and Sunset Nectar. Each color is also available individually.

Pinback Buttons: CATS - a pack of four cat-based pictures and an anchor. That's five buttons/badges that are transferable for sharing and also modifiable for adding your own images.

Avatar: LEPRECHAUN - This is a complete avatar for RPG or just for fantasy fun. Click his pipe and golden coins spray all around!

Avatar: BLTÖGRAEHS a.k.a BUGEYE ALIENS - *Two* complete avatars (male and female) of curious visitors from another planet. They came for the popcorn! Great for RPG or club fun. Click their eyes and watch them flare!

* SALES:May Gifts
- 50LMonthlyMadness: Pick up Anime Eyes  in "Tokiwa Emerald" for only L$50!

- Second Pride Festival is coming June 14-23, 2013!

SterlingResin Eyes in "Cognac" - have your group tag active to receive the gift. The group is still free to join. (The script requires a payment of L$1 which is automatically refunded to you.)

- The May gifts are out! ==>
You'll find them on the display rack between the eyes and the manicures (toward the west end of the store). These gifts include special Monthly Eyes and assorted other goodies. Be sure to grab yours!

- Midsummer Night's Dream 4, June 21 - July 21
There will be two prizes, on both the regular and petites path. (And each prize will be suitable for either path!)
- When Pigs Fly, June 30 - July 21
"We've asked designers to challenge themselves beyond their normal designs." Rumor has it there might be *hair* at Sterling Artistry...yeah sure, when pigs fly! :x

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dragon Eyes are here!

Dragon Eyes are now in the Sterling Artistry mainstore! These eyes are composed of a myriad of faceted colors, similar to the facets of a dragon's gem horde. The iris is large; the rhomboid pupil accentuates the intensity of one's gaze. Not just for dragons, these eyes can also serve for avatars of alien or daemonic natures. While the Dragon Eyes series has been around awhile, it is the first of the sole-system eyes to receive the upgrade to the new generation of Sterling Artistry eyes. The series now includes scripted prim and mesh versions along with the system eyes.

My Favorite Dragon

The options in the new generation scripts include 7 of the most popular eyeball sizes as presets (providing instant fits for Petites to Giants). Fine-tuning adjustment is also available for custom sizes, making them right for nearly every avatar.

Additionally, you can select from 4 iris sizes, ranging from beady to anime.
Plus two levels of Glow.
Each eye operates individually for greater versatility.

Dragon Eyes come in twelve majestic colors. They're available in a full 12pack, two 6packs, or as singles. The multi-packs let you change color in a click, requiring fewer objects in inventory.

Dragon Eyes on display

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gold on Sale

Daily Eyes in "Mesa Gold" - this week's special (only L$10!) at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop. Elegant enough for special occasions, yet also perfect for everyday wear.

Eyes of Gold

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sale Captivation

Enticing Eyes in "Captivation Green" - this week's special at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop.

Enticing Eyes