Friday, August 30, 2013

Just one more day of Hot Summer!

Hot summer days that last forever...
Hot summer nights that never end...
The colors are bright, intense and sizzling. Light is everywhere, reflections burning, ideally offset by water, water and more cool water.

Hot summer night

Summer Eyes 6Pack of "Hot Nights" - that's what you can nab for a mere L$1 in the Hot Summer III hunt at Sterling Artistry. But you've gotta hurry, because summer doesn't last forever and the hunt wraps up August 31!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Group Gift & Exclusive Eyes!

Sterling Artistry SterlingJardin Eyes are everyday eyes designed with bits of garden flowers and ornamental grasses that are visible only at very close range. These eyes are made for members of the Sterling Artistry Group, and one must be a member of the group to obtain them.

a Song in his...eyes

SterlingJardin Eyes come in 70 lush colors (with system, prim and mesh versions) that are/will be available (at varied release times) in 6Packs or individually. The prim & mesh versions offer four iris sizes and two glow settings. In addition to being exclusive to group members, SterlingJardin Eyes are deeply discounted from the usual prices.

SterlingJardin Eyes (Blue)

One color of each 6Pack also acts as a free gift for Sterling Artistry Group members. The free gift from the BLUE 6Pack is SONG. Activate your group tag, and come up to the sky!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sunflowers on Sale!

Dazzle Eyes in "Sunflower" - this week's L$10 special at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop!

Sunflower Eyes


Thursday, August 15, 2013

How hard do you ROCK?

RockOn Horns

sa Horns_RockOnRock Attitude 3 Hunt has just begun and runs through September 15. Sterling Artistry has prepared for you these *Rock On* unisex horns. Wearing these will ensure all the spotlights will be trained on you. They are Materials Ready and feature menu-driven color change for 12 heavy metals to coordinate with whatever else you're wearing. Attitude not included, but I'm sure you'll fit something in for that. The gift is free, so drop on by and get yours!

HINT: Rock all day, rock all night. It's a DAILY thing, I see.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rez Day Mini-Hunt! Today Only!

On my profile, SL will tell you my Rez Day was August 1, 2008. That *is* the day I first logged into SL, so quite right. But *I* think of my *real* Rez Day as being August 8, because I took that first week to just look around, learn how to use the interface, explore and consider whether or not I wanted to even bother with this virtual world thing. In my explorations, I found an AKK horse that I immediately fell in love with, then realized if I were going to own a horse, I'd reasonably have to provide some land for it. So on August 8, I gave SL a bunch of money, then sussed out some land in Porcupine where I could rez my horse, and my Second life was truly born. (That first week was simply gestation.) ;)

So, today August 8, 2013, marks my 5th SLirthday (err...), and to celebrate, I'm holding a mini-hunt in the Sterling Artistry mainstore. I've hidden five silver numeral "5"s for L$1@ around the shop, each "5" containing something yummy, including a couple things that aren't available as yet. The "5"s are not too hard to find, but it all ends at midnight, so today is the day!

Silverr's 5th-Rez-Day Mini-Hunt!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Simply the Best Hunt Prize!

Simply the Best Hunt (until August 15) is a great opportunity to get the best outfit or animation or accessories almost free. This is a No Hint Hunt, just look for the blue HEART with the "Simply the Best" LOGO and get your wonderful item for only L$10!

At Sterling Artistry, this means a savings of over L$700! I know, I totally lost my mind, but for Simply The Best, I figured it really should be...the BEST!

Diversity Eyes 12PACK contains all twelve colors of the series: Divergence, Heterogeneity, Medley, Multifarious, Multiplicity, Variety, Assortive, Distinctive, Hybrid, Mélange, Motley and Variance. This series includes scripted mesh and prim versions along with the system eyes. The multi-pack lets you change color in a click, requiring fewer objects in inventory.

The options in the new generation scripts include 7 of the most popular eyeball sizes as presets (providing instant fits for Petites to Giants). Fine-tuning adjustment is also available for custom sizes, making them right for nearly every avatar. Additionally, you can select from 4 iris sizes, ranging from beady to anime. Plus two levels of Glow.

Hunt down this deal while you can; it won't be repeated.


Secret Sale in Valinor!

At Sterling Artistry's auxiliary shop in beautiful Valinor, one item is quietly marked L$20-L$50 off each week.
A new Secret Sale has now been set! Have a look for it, and enjoy the medieval/fantasy Valinor scenery while you visit!

Mystery Sale

Mystery Eyes in "Puzzlement" is the L$10 special this week at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Secret Sale in Valinor!

Sterling Artistry has opened a new auxilliary shop as part of Valinor ~Undying Lands~, a beautiful RPG community on the Ivory Isle sim. Valinor is a land of wonder and fantasy, the home of tales told and many yet to come.

The shelves have been stocked with some of our best fantasy items, including a few that haven't reached the mainstore yet. Take a look at the goods carefully because the Valinor shop is featuring a secret sale every week! One item is quietly marked L$20-L$50 off; to take advantage of it, you just need to spot it. :)