Thursday, March 31, 2011

The beauty of Forest of Light

The sims for Fantasy Faire were opened late Wednesday to merchants to prepare their shops, and I couldn't resist taking pics of some of the beauty that awaited us.

Fantasy Faire: Forest of Light 1

These unretouched snaps are from Forest of Light, which is where my shop Sterling Artistry is now set up. It's a beautiful build, designed by Lauren Thibaud, if I'm not mistaken., Piedras Chama, and Nonna Hedges. Excellent job, to all three! And thanks to Evie's Closet (Evangeline Miles) for sponsoring this sim.

Fantasy Faire: Forest of Light 2

All nine sims will be open for the public on Saturday!


  1. Forest of Light was actually a team effort with Lauren builging the stores of the sim and Piedras Chama and Nonna Hedges creating the gorgeous landscaping throughout.

  2. Oh, thanks for that info, Ember. I've updated the post to includ Piedras and Nonna. It really is a remarkable sim. I'm so happy to be part of it. :)