Saturday, June 18, 2011

New in the sky

While I've been pretty good about keeping the blog updated for the weekly specials at the Boutique, I've been neglecting updates for the Sterling Artistry mainstore, tsk. June is half over, but there are still some items to note for the month. Here's what's happening in the sky.
New releases include Daily Eyes and Diversity Eyes. Daily Eyes feature natural color tones with gentle gradations and some subtle touches of "zing" to help you look your best for any virtual occasion. While all of my eye textures are filled with a variety of colors (even a "solid blue" is not really "solid"), Diversity Eyes crank it up to extreme variations of colors within colors. All the better to express a sense of diversity, avoiding sameness and breaking out of the box. These eyes are available individually or in 6Packs.

posing with new displays
Daily Eyes and Diversity Eyes are at a discount through the month of June, in both system and prim versions. Find them all on the central platform.

The new Diversity Eyes and Daily Eyes sets are also in prim versions, now available. These prim eyes are scripted for Resize and Glow on/off. You can mix-n-match prim eyes with other sets or colors (such as wearing blue on the left and green on the right) or even in different sizes to achieve a multitude of appearances.
Daily Eyes prim version, letting me wear two different colors at the same time.

Also, don't miss the June Freebie pack!
    Eyes: JuneCrystals and JuneSunset
    Manicures: SwirldotsAqua and SwirldotsRed
    Pinback Buttons: June Sunshine and June Birdie
    Pose: Emoting07
These items were made especially for this month's instore freebies and aren't available in any other way. At the end of their run, I'll be pulling them back into my inventory for a long, long time, so grab them while you can. Click the key on the center platform.
Current Hunts:
CAW Hunt for Life, until July 16 [HUD required.]
    HINT: Do you think there could be Life on the far side of the moon?

And on a tech note, I've installed new display racks for the eyes which are designed to make the eyes easier to browse and view at a glance. The new racks also help me pack more goodies into a smaller space which means I can hold off renovating the shop for a little while longer.

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  1. I love the idea of those prim eyes. Its great that it is possible to wear two different eyes now.