Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Palette Eyes and July freebies

Newly Released at Sterling Artistry: PALETTE EYES are born of the idea that "one color is not enough." Each Palette Eyes pack contains three brightly detailed eyes in different yet coordinating colors, much as an artist might find on his palette when using his brush to blend hues. There are 32 Palette Eyes Trio packs to select from. That's 96 colors in all,  truly something for every taste from fantastical RP to everyday use.
The new Palette Eyes are at a discount during July. Find them on the mainstore central platform.
Sterling Artistry Palette Eyes
Prim Eyes: The new Diversity Eyes and Daily Eyes sets are also in prim versions, now available. These prim eyes are scripted for Resize and Glow on/off. You can also mix-n-match prim eyes with other sets or colors (such as wearing blue on the left and green on the right) to achieve a multitude of appearances.
Eyes:  Daily Eyes feature natural color tones with gentle gradations and some subtle touches of "zing" to help you look your best for any virtual occasion.
Eyes: Diversity Eyes are very diverse! While all of my eye textures are filled with a variety of colors (even a "solid blue" is not really "solid"), Diversity Eyes crank it up to extreme variations of colors within colors. All the better to express a sense of diversity, avoiding sameness and breaking out of the box.
Pinback Buttons! - Now's your chance to display a badge of courage, or any of a wide assortment of styles and interests. Modifiable so you can mix-and-match, transferable so you can share with friends. You can even use your own images on the buttons!
Gotta Gacha! - There's a new game in town and it takes the form of a gachapon. Pay the entry, receive a random prize! Well, not completely random...you know you're going to get one of the Jelly Eyes series for only L$10, but you won't know which color until you open the box!
Poses: Emoting Hands - ten poses for using your hands to express emotion, feeling or magic. Available individually or enjoy a big discount with the full 10pack!
The July freebie pack is out!
    Eyes: JulyLagoon and JulySunset
    Manicures: checksWhite and honeycombWhite
    Pinback Buttons: July Island and July Sunrays
    Pose: Emoting08
Click the beachball on the center platform. These items were made especially for this month's instore freebies and aren't available in any other way. At the end of their run, I'll be pulling them back into my inventory for a long, long time, so grab them while you can.
((A select portion of last month's freebie pack is still available through this month at Sterling Artistry Boutique and another portion is at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop!))

Midsummer Night's Dream 2, until July 28 
    HINT: I dreamed I had wings and could hang out with the birds.
~ Happy Hunting! ~

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