Saturday, August 13, 2011

On sale at the Boutique: Mystic Crystal

This week at Sterling Artistry Boutique, the special sale is for Dragon Eyes in "Mystic Crystal." Dragon Eyes feature iridescent and slightly metallic colors with oversized iris and vertical pupil to help express your draconic or reptilian nature. "Mystic Crystal" is a multi-colored burst of purple hues with a splash of orange warmth.
Only L$10, only this week, only at the Sterling Artistry Boutique in Newport Keys. While you're at the Boutique, grab the monthly freebie package and have a look at the new tutti-frutti colored glove manicures and three new packs of Tropical-themed pinback buttons. Be sure to search for the NH Tropical Nights Hunt pineapple; the hunt continues through August!
Mystic Crystal Dragon

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