Monday, October 3, 2011

Poses, Eyes, Sales, Hunts!

WEEKLY POSE SETS: For him ("Pause"), and for her ("Like Magic"). These are static poses set to priority 4, best suited for studio and field shoots. Each set package includes both copy and transfer versions, with mirrors (also in both copy and transfer versions) plus pose balls. These pose sets are 50% off for their first week, so now is the best time to nab these two.
EYES: UnDead Eyes and Eerie Eyes - just in time for Halloween, and both sets (and their prim counterparts) are 20% off for the entire month of October! UnDead Eyes are extremely unusual. They feature a very small iris and pale colored pupils. People will be clicking you for a closer look! Eerie Eyes have very small irises and richly textured eyewhites. This is just the thing for expressing your mad scientists, aliens, or ghoulish creatures. Available in system and in prim versions!
PINBACK BUTTONS: Halloween Jack set featuring some funky jack o'lanterns. There are four pinback buttons to a set (with a bonus fifth included!) They attach anywhere! Add your own images and share with friends!
ghoulish elfIt's like magic
Pose for him: PausePose for her: Like Magic
     + UnDead Eyes are 20% off for October.
     + Eerie Eyes are 20% off for October.
     + 50LMonthlyMadness OCTOBER: Pick up Daily Eyes in Steel Grey for only L$50!
     + Two new pose sets are 50% off each week at the mainstore, one male, one female. They include copy and transfer versions, mirrors and poseballs.
     + One select eye design is on sale for only L$10 every week at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop.
* FREE GIFTS:The October freebie pack is out!
    Eyes: OctoberFace and OctoberWitchery
    Manicures: cobwebBlack and cobwebWhite
    Pinback Buttons: October BOO and October Jack
Click the pumpkinhead on the center platform. These items were made especially for this month's instore freebies and aren't available in any other way. At the end of their run, I'll be pulling them back into my inventory for a long, long time, so grab them while you can.
((A select portion of last month's freebie pack is still available through this month at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop!))
*The Macabre Hunt (until Oct 15):
    HINT: They say the apple never falls far from the tree.
* The Runway Perfect: (until Oct 31):
    HINT: The runway is a place to walk with Pride! (bad pun, sorry) ;)  
@Sterling Artistry Boutique
* NH Miracles of Autumn 2 (until Oct 16):
    HINT: Pinecones tend to fall and roll here or there.
@Small Fry
*W-T-N Disco Hunt (until Oct 15):
    HINT: Oh dear, I dropped the ball and it rolled behind something.  

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