Sunday, May 1, 2011

New in the shop

Initially released at Fantasy Faire 2011, these three eyes are now at the Sterling Artistry mainstore!
Forest Elf Eyes feature large pupils with an oversized iris contianing a multitude of colors. The hues run cool, as one might expect for elves of the green realms. Available individually or in a 6pack.
Anime Eyes feature an oversized iris and wide pupil in anime styling. The series has eighteen colors to suit a wide variety of characters. They are available individually or by three 6Packs.
Underworld Eyes feature a schlera so dark you'll need to look closely to distinguish it from the iris or pupil. The iris itself is larger than what is typical and offers an array of color tones as dark as the underworld itself. Available individually or in a 6pack.
Sterling Artistry Eyes

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