Friday, May 6, 2011

On sale at the Boutique

This week at Sterling Artistry Boutique, the special sale is for RainyDay Eyes in "Sugarcane Sprinkle." RainyDay Eyes have soft, liquid colors and are adorned with a tiny raindrop highlight, a little charm to brighten a rainy day. "Sugarcane Sprinkles" is a deep tone with a variety of shine which combines shades of brown, hazel and olive. 

Only L$10, only this week, only at the Sterling Artistry Boutique in Newport Keys. (And while you're at the Boutique, be sure to look for the golden rings of the SLD I Do hunt!)

RainyDay Eyes in "Sugarcane Sprinkle"
RainyDay Eyes in "Sugarcane Sprinkles"

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