Monday, September 19, 2011

Poses: Slinky, Hand on hip & Hunts!

Newly released at Sterling Artistry! Weekly pose sets: She gets one ("Slinky"), and he gets one ("Hipped Hand"). These are static poses set to priority 4, best suited for studio and field shoots. Each set package includes both copy and transfer versions, with mirrors (also with both copy and transfer versions) plus pose balls. These pose sets are 50% off for their first week, so now is the best time to nab them.

slinky moves je te present

While visiting the mainstore, be sure to click the gear on the central platform for free September goodies, and have a look around for the two STEAM5 hunt gears, each containing something special. The Macabre hunt has also begun, so there's an apple to find somewhere. Check the hint giver by the landing point!

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