Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poses, STEAM5, September Freebies

Newly Released at Sterling Artistry:

This week's new pose sets: His ("Just Being Me"), and hers ("Flash and Style"), these poses are 50% off for their first week. Each set includes copy and trans versions, mirrored versions (in both copy and trans) and pose balls.

Just Being Me Flash and Style

Weekly Poses: for him: Uncertainty, Say What?, Estate Owner and for her: A Little Shy, Oh My Hair!, In the Spotlight. Expect to see two new pose sets each week, male and female. These sets have both copy and transfer versions to share with friends plus mirror versions in both perms. Oh, and pose balls, too. To make the deal even sweeter, the newly-released poses will be half off for their first week!

Manicures:  New glove manicures in bright, TUTTI-FRUTTI colors to help you celebrate summer! Available individually or in the #1211 8pack.

Pinback Buttons: Three new sizzling TROPICAL sets to add to your floppy hat or sunglasses: Tropical Beaches, Tropical Sunsets, Tropical Islands. There are four pinback buttons to a set (with a bonus fifth included!) They attach anywhere! Add your own images and share with friends!

Eyes: PALETTE EYES are born of the idea that "one color is not enough." Each Palette Eyes pack contains three brightly detailed eyes in different yet coordinating colors, much as an artist might find on his palette when using his brush to blend hues. There are 32 Palette Eyes Trio packs to select from. That's 96 colors in all,  truly something for every taste from fantastical RP to everyday use.

  • Two new pose sets are 50% off each week at the mainstore, one male, one female. They include copy and transfer versions, mirrors and poseballs.
  • One select eye design is on sale every week at Sterling Artistry Boutique.

The September freebie pack is out!
    Eyes: SeptemberAdventure and SeptemberExploration
    Manicures: honeycombGold and raspberryTwist
    Pinback Buttons: September Startrails and September Books
Click the gear on the center platform. These items were made especially for this month's instore freebies and aren't available in any other way. At the end of their run, I'll be pulling them back into my inventory for a long, long time, so grab them while you can.
((A select portion of last month's freebie pack is still available through this month at Sterling Artistry Boutique and another portion is at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop!))

STEAM the Hunt 5: until Sept 30
    Hint for Gear #1: I've heard of looking into a dragon's eyes to gain wisdom, but never heard of looking *under* them.   
   Hint for Gear #2: A lifestyle of steampunk is like a gateway into a whole new realm.
The Macabre Hunt: Sept 17 - Oct 15
The Runway Perfect: Oct 1 - 31

@Sterling Artistry Boutique
* NH Miracles of Autumn 2 (Sept 16 - Oct 16)

@Small Fry
* W-T-N Disco (Sept 15 - Oct 15)

~ Happy Hunting! ~

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