Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Lucky with New Releases

Newly released at Sterling Artistry:

LuckyIrish Ducky shoulder pet

Shoulder Pet: LUCKY IRISH DUCKY - Wear this lucky ducky on your shoulder to celebrate St. Patrick's Day or any time you feel like a wee bit of Irish charm. The ducky will add a little themed chatter to the local conversation at random intervals. Click him and he quacks!
    ** Half-price for a limited time. **

Leprechaun Avatar

Avatar: LEPRECHAUN - This is a complete avatar for RPG or just for fantasy fun. Click his pipe and golden coins spray all around!
    ** Half-price for a limited time. **

>> Sterling Artistry Group Members are getting this avatar for free! Join the group  and check Notices!

Bugeye Alien Avatars

Avatar: BLTÖGRAEHS a.k.a BUGEYE ALIENS - *Two* complete avatars (male and female) of curious visitors from another planet. They came for the popcorn! Great for RPG or club fun. Click their eyes and watch them flare!
    ** Half-price for a limited time. **

Find them all on the central platform of the mainstore.

Sterling Artistry March Releases

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