Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Goodies

March has arrived at Sterling Artistry!

Most recent additions:
Mouthie: LOVEYOU Candy Hearts - Every click delivers a new candy heart with something to say, and your friends can click for candy, too. There are no calories, and the box never runs out! *Limited Time Introductory Price.*
Pinback Buttons: HEARTS - just in time for Valentine's Day, a pack of four heart-based designs and an anchor. That's five buttons/badges that are transferable for sharing and also modifiable for adding your own images.
Manicures: GLOVE MANICURES #3212 contains Coral Tango, Flambé Pink, Golden Honey, Rhapsodic, Roasted Café, Titanium Silver, Olympian Blue and Rose Whisper. Each color is also available individually.

Sterling Artistry 50L for March * SALES:
- 50LMonthlyMadness: Pick up DazzleEyes  in "Willow" for only L$50!   (( The official 50L Monthly Madness has shut down, but we're continuing to offer a monthly L$50 item! ))

- One select eye design is on sale for only L$10 every week at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop.

- Fantasy Faire is coming!

- The March gifts are out!
You'll find them on a new display rack between the eyes and the manicures (toward the west end of the store). These gifts include special Monthly Eyes and assorted other goodies. Be sure to grab yours!

Sterling Artistry March goodies

((And, a select portion of last month's gifts is still available through this month at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop!))

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