Friday, April 26, 2013

Diabolique Eyes at Fantasy Faire

Diabolique Eyes are creepy and nonhuman for your alien or daemonic needs. The iris, with its thin-slit pupil, is nearly indistinguishable from the schlera. Diabolique Eyes are among the first in the new generation of Sterling Artistry eyes. They include scripted prim and mesh versions along with the system eyes.

Diabolique Lizard

The options in the new generation scripts include 7 of the most popular eyeball sizes as presets (making an instant fit for Petites, as one example). Fine-tuning adjustment is also available for custom sizes, making them right for nearly every avatar.

Additionally, you can select from 4 iris sizes, ranging from beady to anime.
Plus two levels of Glow.
Each eye operates individually for greater versatility.

Diabolique Eyes come in twelve despicable colors. They're available in a full 12pack, a 6pack Pale, a 6pack Dark, or as singles. The multi-packs let you change color in a click, requiring fewer objects in inventory.

Diabolique Eyes at Fantasy Faire

Fantastical Eyes aren't at the mainstore yet, but can be found at the Sterling Artistry lantern shop at Fantasy Faire (follow the beacon).

There is also an additional and exclusive Diabolique color - Putrid (which looks a lot better than it sounds, lol) - which is an RFL donation item and *only* available until the close of the Faire this coming Sunday MONDAY. Nab it by April 28 29, or not at all. Get yourself something special and help support RFL at the same time.

Putrid exclusive

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