Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Goodies in the sky!

The sim problems seem to have been corrected with the latest restarts (yay!), so come check out these new goodies at Sterling Artistry! Lots of pictures coming, get ready...!

Poses: HANGING AROUND 5x2 pose set includes five action poses as shown on the box, five mirrored poses, plus 10 poseballs and helpful tips. If you've ever felt you're just hanging on by a thread, these poses are for you. ;)

Hanging Around

Apparel: SPORTING SOCKS - 6 ribbed crew socks featuring striped colors from Hogwarts that are also suited for many types of sports, not just quidditch.

Sterling Artistry RibbedKnitCrewSocks Sporting

Manicures: GLOVE MANICURES #3113 contains Shaded Beryl, Violet Velvet, Caramel Rose, Kitten Kiss, Monaco Blue, Poppy Red, Silken Glance and Sunset Nectar. Each color is also available individually.

Sterling Artistry Manicures #3113

Pinback Buttons: CATS - a pack of four cat-based pictures and an anchor. That's five buttons/badges that are transferable for sharing and also modifiable for adding your own images.

Avatar: LEPRECHAUN - This is a complete avatar for RPG or just for fantasy fun. Click his pipe and golden coins spray all around!

Avatar: BLTÖGRAEHS a.k.a BUGEYE ALIENS - *Two* complete avatars (male and female) of curious visitors from another planet. They came for the popcorn! Great for RPG or club fun. Click their eyes and watch them flare!
- 50LMonthlyMadness: Pick up NekoFelidae Eyes  in "Look" for only L$50 this month!  

- Fantasy Faire is coming! April 20 - 28, 2013

FF2013 Poster [Elves]

- The April gifts are ready!

Sterling Artistry April gifts

You'll find them on a new display rack between the eyes and the manicures (toward the west end of the store). These gifts include special Monthly Eyes and assorted other goodies. Be sure to grab yours!
((A select portion of last month's gifts is still available through this month at Sterling Artistry Candy Shop!))

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