Tuesday, April 30, 2013

psst...one MORE day!

Fantasy Faire officially closed last night, with an extra day under its very successful fundraising belt, but... oh hey look, someone forgot to pick up the goodies or close the door! Yes, if you hadn't visited Fantasy Faire yet, or if you just want to see some more of it, you have an *extra* extra day! The magical sims (all except Valley of Ish'Nar) are still open to the public all the way to midnight tonight (Tuesday)! Fewer visitors means less lag in this (really absolutely last) final day, and that means more opportunity for you to sniff out that special product (maybe at Sterling Artistry in Titans Hollow, hehe) or to crank up your graphics settings for amazing pictures of these ephemeral builds.

But the magic spell ends at midnight, for really really real, so sneak in now while you still can, and grab some more goodies and photos for your scrapbook and to include in your Fantasy Faire story.

FF2013 Poster [Elves]

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