Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Group Gift & Exclusive Eyes!

Sterling Artistry SterlingJardin Eyes are everyday eyes designed with bits of garden flowers and ornamental grasses that are visible only at very close range. These eyes are made for members of the Sterling Artistry Group, and one must be a member of the group to obtain them.

a Song in his...eyes

SterlingJardin Eyes come in 70 lush colors (with system, prim and mesh versions) that are/will be available (at varied release times) in 6Packs or individually. The prim & mesh versions offer four iris sizes and two glow settings. In addition to being exclusive to group members, SterlingJardin Eyes are deeply discounted from the usual prices.

SterlingJardin Eyes (Blue)

One color of each 6Pack also acts as a free gift for Sterling Artistry Group members. The free gift from the BLUE 6Pack is SONG. Activate your group tag, and come up to the sky!


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