Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rez Day Mini-Hunt! Today Only!

On my profile, SL will tell you my Rez Day was August 1, 2008. That *is* the day I first logged into SL, so quite right. But *I* think of my *real* Rez Day as being August 8, because I took that first week to just look around, learn how to use the interface, explore and consider whether or not I wanted to even bother with this virtual world thing. In my explorations, I found an AKK horse that I immediately fell in love with, then realized if I were going to own a horse, I'd reasonably have to provide some land for it. So on August 8, I gave SL a bunch of money, then sussed out some land in Porcupine where I could rez my horse, and my Second life was truly born. (That first week was simply gestation.) ;)

So, today August 8, 2013, marks my 5th SLirthday (err...), and to celebrate, I'm holding a mini-hunt in the Sterling Artistry mainstore. I've hidden five silver numeral "5"s for L$1@ around the shop, each "5" containing something yummy, including a couple things that aren't available as yet. The "5"s are not too hard to find, but it all ends at midnight, so today is the day!

Silverr's 5th-Rez-Day Mini-Hunt!

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