Saturday, August 3, 2013

Simply the Best Hunt Prize!

Simply the Best Hunt (until August 15) is a great opportunity to get the best outfit or animation or accessories almost free. This is a No Hint Hunt, just look for the blue HEART with the "Simply the Best" LOGO and get your wonderful item for only L$10!

At Sterling Artistry, this means a savings of over L$700! I know, I totally lost my mind, but for Simply The Best, I figured it really should be...the BEST!

Diversity Eyes 12PACK contains all twelve colors of the series: Divergence, Heterogeneity, Medley, Multifarious, Multiplicity, Variety, Assortive, Distinctive, Hybrid, Mélange, Motley and Variance. This series includes scripted mesh and prim versions along with the system eyes. The multi-pack lets you change color in a click, requiring fewer objects in inventory.

The options in the new generation scripts include 7 of the most popular eyeball sizes as presets (providing instant fits for Petites to Giants). Fine-tuning adjustment is also available for custom sizes, making them right for nearly every avatar. Additionally, you can select from 4 iris sizes, ranging from beady to anime. Plus two levels of Glow.

Hunt down this deal while you can; it won't be repeated.


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