Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Group Gift & Exclusives

((Group members already know about these, but I've been meaning to make a blog post to tell everyone else and finally got to it! Bit by bit, I'm catching up to the calendar.))

Sterling Jardin Eyes are developed exclusively for Sterling Artistry Group members. The first set (Earth) is available in the group alcove of the Sterling Artistry mainstore. (The group is still free to join!) These eyes include (low lag) scripted mesh and prim versions along with the system eyes. They come with 7 preset eyeball sizes (which mean instant fits for many popular needs, such as Petites), scripted resizing for adjustments, plus 4 iris sizes and 2 levels of glow.

Eyes of the earth

Sterling Jardin Eyes are priced at a deep discount and are available only to Group members. (Be sure to wear your tag!) And one of these is a free gift! (The script requires a L$1 payment, but it is refunded to you immediately.)

SterlingJardin Eyes (Earth)

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