Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Group Gift & Exclusives!

Sterling Resin Eyes are developed exclusively for Sterling Artistry Group members. (The group is still free to join!) The new exclusive set is Sterling Resin (02), available individually or as a 6Pack. These eyes include (low lag) scripted mesh and prim versions along with the system eyes. They come with 7 preset eyeball sizes (which mean instant fits for many popular needs, such as Petites), scripted resizing for adjustments, plus 4 iris sizes and 2 levels of glow.

My brown-eyed girl

Sterling Resin Eyes are priced at a deep discount and are available only to Sterling Artistry Group members. (Be sure to wear your tag!) And one of these is a free gift! (The script requires a L$1 payment, but it is refunded to you immediately.) Sterling Resin Eyes in "Celadon" is a soft, minty green with the resin sparkle bits.

SterlingResin Eyes(02) (group only)

For everyone: July sales, discounts, freebies and MND4 Hunt (ends 6/21!) and Femboy hunt.
Come on up to the sky!

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