Friday, July 12, 2013

July Goodies at Sterling Artistry!

What's up for July way up in the sky?

Well, for starters, you can nab the upgraded & expanded Daily Eyes for over 20% off (only for a limited time, only inworld).

Daily Eyes are in the new generation eyes (Mesh, Prim & System) which are menu-driven for 7 preset eyeball sizes plus fine-tuning, to fit avatars from micro/Petites to giant/Colossal and everything in-between. The menu also provides a selection of 4 iris sizes and 2 glow levels.

Daily Eyes can be had in a full 18Pack, two 12Packs, three 6Packs, or by individual color.

July's L$50L of the Month is Wizarding Eyes in "Raven."
Only inworld.

The Midsummer Night's Dream hunt is in full sway, with two paths: one for regular avatars and one for petites. Sterling Artistry is offering a prize on each path, and the prizes work for regular *and* petites (and many other sizes), so you might want to hunt for both butterflies.

Monthly Gifts: Aaaannnd yes! There are July freebies available!
You'll find them on the display rack between the eyes and the manicures (toward the west end of the store). These gifts include special Monthly Eyes and assorted other goodies. Be sure to grab yours!

July Monthlies

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