Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Midsummer Dreams @Sterling Artistry

There's still time to track down prizes from the Midsummer Night's Dream 4 hunt!

There are two paths on this hunt, one for regular avatars and one for petites/micros. Sterling Artistry has prizes of whimsical elfin or fairy-like eyes for each path.

Glitter Fae

 A 6pack for each path!  Both (L$1) prizes will fit regular *and* petites (and many other sizes), so you might want to hunt for both butterflies.

Starry Fae

There are hints on the MND4 blog and also at Sterling Artistry's landing area. Happy hunting!

GlitterFaeEyes_6PackZESTY StarryFaeEyes_6PackGLEAM

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