Monday, June 17, 2013

Diversity Eyes @Second Pride Festival!

Sterling Artistry Diversity Eyes are very diverse! While all of my eye textures are filled with a variety of colors (even a "solid blue" is not really "solid"), Diversity Eyes crank it up to extreme variations of colors within colors while still succeeding at looking quite natural when worn. All the better to express a sense of diversity, avoiding sameness and breaking out of the box, having courage to show your own array of colors.


Diversity Eyes have been upgraded to the new generation combo of Mesh, Prim & System which are menu-driven for 7 preset eyeball sizes plus fine-tuning, to fit avatars from micro/Petites to giant/Colossal and everything in-between. The menu also provides a selection of 4 iris sizes and 2 glow levels. The series has also been expanded from 6 to 12 colors, and the new mesh (and prim) versions offer the ability to have all 12 colors in a single object pair, reducing inventory clutter.

Diversity Eyes Series

Diversity Eyes are now available - at a discount! - at Sterling Artistry's shop @Second Pride Festival, until June 23. They can be had individually, as a 6Pack, or in the full 12Pack.

DiversityEyes_Multif_Eclusive to Second Pride Festival 2013

There is also an additional color, Multif, exclusive to the Second Pride Festival event, acting as a fundraiser for Second Pride (and it's also at a discounted price). Find this azure/orchid/mint/gold combo in the brightly colored vendor at the entrance to the shop. When the Festival is over, Multif will be packed away forever, so pick it up while you can!

Sterling Artistry at Second Pride Festival

Click the image to visit us at the Festival for Diversity Eyes, jewelry, Pride Eyes, free gifts and more!

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