Friday, June 21, 2013

True Eyes @Second Pride Festival!

Sterling Artistry True Eyes were made to celebrate the courage and strength of those who know and embrace their gender regardless of exteriors. The eyes are sleek, with realistic coloration while the pupil is adorned with a powerful transgender symbol - plainly visible to anyone who gets close enough, but virtually invisible to those who do not.


True Eyes are of the new generation eyes - Mesh, Prim & System - which are menu-driven for 7 preset eyeball sizes plus fine-tuning, to fit avatars from micro/Petites to giant/Colossal and everything in between. The menu also provides a selection of 4 iris sizes and 2 glow levels.


True Eyes are now available - at a discount! - at Sterling Artistry's shop @Second Pride Festival, until June 23. They can be had individually or as a 6Pack.  

Sterling Artistry at Second Pride Festival

Come visit us at the Festival for True Eyes, Diversity Eyes, Jewelry, Pride Eyes, free gifts and more!

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