Friday, June 14, 2013

Second Pride Festival has begun!

Sterling Artistry is pleased to be part of Second Pride Festival 2013, which is open until June 23. A lot of new goodies were created in theme for this event, and I'll make several posts this week to highlight them. All the festival items are offered with discounted prices, so it's a good time to catch a great bargain on these new items. There are also a couple gifts in the Sterling Artistry Second Pride Festival shop free for the taking, plus a hidden hunt prize (scroll down for a preview)!

The new jewelry released for the Festival is not strictly LGBTQ, but should find appeal with a wide variety of genders/orientations. I find I'm really enjoying building and scripting jewelry, so you'll be seeing a lot more of it coming from Sterling Artistry.

The Yin-Yang Medallion necklace is scripted for 8 color changes, to coordinate to your mood of the moment or whatever you're wearing. The Rainbow Yin-Yang necklace (and the matching earring set) are scripted for 11 different metals, including silver, gold, titanium and copper, plus a rainbow selection of metallic colors and also black metal.

Yin-Yang jewelry

The "orientation series" of Chained Charm Mouthies need no scripting to look great. Pick a symbol that best expresses your flavor of orientation and wear it with style.

Chained Charms (orientation series)

Also, don't miss the festival's Rainbow Road treasure hunt, which utilizes an interactive HUD. Hunters will visit each participating vendor and search for a hidden star. All hunt gifts are sent to the hunter once they find all the stars. Many of the festival merchants are taking part in this, including Sterling Artistry. Our gift is the casual LGBTQ Knots necklace, scripted for eight color groups (including the all-inclusive rainbow), plus resizing. Find the star, and the necklace is yours for free!

LGBTQ Knots - hunt prize

Be sure to visit the  Sterling Artistry Second Pride Festival shop at Second Pride Festival!

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