Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pride Eyes @Second Pride Festival

Sterling Artistry Pride Eyes were designed to celebrate the diversity and courage of those who discover that love is not merely found between a man and a woman, but with any combination of either or both genders, and whether gender is of the body or of the heart.

Pride in her eyes

Pride Eyes have been upgraded to the new generation combo of Mesh, Prim & System which are menu-driven for 7 preset eyeball sizes plus fine-tuning, to fit avatars from micro/Petites to giant/Colossal and everything in-between. The menu also provides a selection of 4 iris sizes and 2 glow levels.


Pride Eyes are now available - at a discount! - at Sterling Artistry's shop @Second Pride Festival, until June 23. They can be had individually or as a 6Pack.  

Sterling Artistry at Second Pride Festival

Come visit us at the Festival!

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