Saturday, June 22, 2013

Equality Eyes @Second Pride Festival (ends Sunday!)

Sterling Artistry Equality Eyes celebrate the ideal of persons being respected in equal measures regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or body plumbing.

Looking for Equality

Equality Eyes belong to the new generation eyes (Mesh, Prim & System) which are menu-driven for 7 preset eyeball sizes plus fine-tuning, to fit avatars from micro/Petites to giant/Colossal and everything in-between. The menu also provides a selection of 4 iris sizes and 2 glow levels.

The series is divided into "loud" and "soft," a degree of how boldly the message is presented and the possibility for an expression of an underlying orientation. The new mesh (and prim) versions offer the ability to have all 12 colors in a single object pair, reducing inventory clutter.

Equality Eyes

Equality Eyes are now available - at a discount! - at Sterling Artistry's shop @Second Pride Festival, which ends June 23. They can be had individually, as a 6Pack, or in the full 12Pack.

Sterling Artistry at Second Pride Festival

Click the image to visit us at the Festival this final weekend for Equality Eyes, True Eyes, Diversity Eyes, Jewelry, Pride Eyes, free gifts and more!

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